By arriving at this site, you are among those called to be the heralds of the imminent arrival of the Kingdom of God on earth, as promised in the Our Father prayer and now revealed in detail to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. Here, dear soldier, are your battle orders:

1) Live in the Divine Will!

Jesus is now freely offering, to all who sincerely desire it, the greatest possible gift: the Gift of Living in the Divine Will; which is none other than the holiness of the life of Heaven itself, now available on earth. It is the type of holiness enjoyed by the Blessed Virgin Mary (though we may never reach her) since her Immaculate Conception and enjoyed by Adam and Eve before the Fall.

You need this Gift more than you need the air you breathe. Thankfully, receiving it is easy:

On top of continuing to do everything you are already doing as a Catholic striving after sanctity, simply say each day, repeatedly, and mean it with all your heart: "Jesus, I Trust in You. Thy Will be done. I give you my will, please give me Yours in return. Let your Kingdom Come! Let your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven!"

But that is the beginning, not the end, of your adventure in the Divine Will.

2) Learn more!

Your power to hasten the Coming of the Kingdom will increase in proportion to your knowledge of the nature of this Kingdom.

Above all, read the revelations themselves!

Here is the entire 36 volume set** of Luisa's revelations (her diary) on the Kingdom of the Divine Will. In addition to the diary, you'll want to read and heed the two other primary works revealed to Luisa: the Hours of the Passion, here; and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, here. Please download these, print what you can, and spread them!

But as the writings above contain thousands of pages, you'll probably want to start with an introduction. Please begin with a very short book, The Crown of History, which is indeed about Luisa's Revelations. An audio book of the entire thing is free here. The paperback can be purchased for about $4 here on Amazon. Alternatively, the newer and somewhat longer book, Thy Will Be Done, provides a more detailed introduction in light of Catholic Tradition.

3) Proclaim the Kingdom!

All Jesus is waiting for before instituting this Kingdom is sufficient people to know of these revelations so that they may desire the Kingdom and ask Him for it! The proximity of the arrival of this Kingdom, then, truly depends upon your zealous proclamation of this message; shouting it from the rooftops to the whole world.

1) Send this brief 9 minute video introducing Luisa's revelations to everyone you can reach:

2) To those who wish to hear more, please direct them to The Crown of History or this 27 minute video giving a somewhat deeper introduction.

3) Interested in handing out physical copies of Thy Will Be Done? You may place a bulk order here.

4) Promote this website (!

5) Pray for Luisa's intercession, document the miracles that you will indeed receive through it, and submit this to your Bishop.

Please see this website for an overview of Luisa's authenticity from an Ecclesiastical standpoint centered on the Vatican's own recently published official biography of Luisa.

The Crown of History

The Crown of History, also referenced at the top of this page, is available as a free audiobook here, and a paperback on Amazon. This is a very short book, and whoever is looking for a brief introduction to the Divine Will should read this before delving into the Crown of Sanctity.

Click here to download an mp3 file of the entire audiobook. (Note: 384mb file)

The Crown of Sanctity

The Crown of Sanctity, referenced at the top of this page, is available as a free Kindle eBook here, a free PDF here, and a paperback on Amazon. This is a large book that can be read cover to cover or simply used a a reference for individual questions when needed (it contains a very detailed Table of Contents to facilitate its use as a reference work).

The personal website and blog of the creator of this website, Daniel O'Connor (where he also may be contacted).

Fr. Robert young, the holy Franciscan priest who recently passed, provided a wealth of incredible teachings on Luisa's revelations. See this website for an archive of his teachings!

Frances Hogan, whom you may know from her beautiful and edifying teachings on Sacred Scripture that are often featured on EWTN, also has provides a treasury of teachings on the Divine Will at her website,

More great resources on the Divine Will can be found at the website of a new apostolate based in Ireland. See

The Benedictines of the Divine Will

The Benedictines of the Divine Will is a religious community, approved by the Church in 2011, dedicated to the revelations of Jesus given to Luisa on the Divine Will. Their newsletters provide a wealth of beautiful teachings on this spirituality.

More Books

The theologian, Fr. Edward O'Connor (no relation to this website's creator) was a Theology Professor at Notre Dame and an expert in private revelation. The last work of his life was a strong defense, promotion, and explanation of Luisa's Revelations, entitled Living in the Divine Will: The Grace of Luisa Piccarreta.

The theologian Stephen Patton recently also published a book explaining Luisa's revelations, entitled A Guide to the Book of Heaven, and it bears an imprimatur.

St. Hannibal di Francia

Although Luisa Piccarreta was strongly endorsed by multiple now canonized saints -- including Pope St. Pius X and St. Padre Pio -- her strongest and most zealous promoter was St. Hannibal di Francia, who became so convinced of the superlative importance of Luisa's mission of the Divine Will (after he was appointed, by the Archbishop, to be her Spiritual Director), that he dedicated the last decades of his life to promoting Luisa's revelations.

Pope St. John Paul II said, regarding St. Hannibal's promotion of Luisa's revelations:

“[St. Hannibal saw] the means God himself had provided to bring about that ‘new and divine’ holiness with which the Holy Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at the dawn of the third millennium, in order to ‘make Christ the heart of the world.’” - Address of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the Rogationist Fathers. Paragraph 6. 16 May 1997.

St. Hannibal himself said, of Luisa:

“The purest virgin, wholly of God, who emerges to be a singular predilection of the Divine Redeemer, Jesus Our Lord, who century after century, increases ever more the wonders of His love. It seems that He wanted to form this virgin, whom He calls the littlest one He found on earth, and bereft of any education, into an instrument of a mission so sublime that no other can be compared to it—that is, the triumph of the Divine Will upon the whole earth, in conformity with what is said in the ‘Our Father’.” - Hours of the Passion. Introduction. (Also quoted in the Vatican's official biography of Luisa, The Sun of My Will, mentioned above).

Many more teachings of St. Hannibal can be found in his "reflections and practices" he wrote following each hour of Luisa's Hours of the Passion, linked above, as well as in the personal letters he wrote to Luisa.

**Unfortunately, much misinformation circulates online regarding the status of Luisa's writings (including on some big Catholic websites!). While it is true that a "Moratorium" exists limiting the commercial publication of Luisa's 36 volumes, all claims indicating that Luisa's writings "may not be circulated" or are "unapproved" are absolutely false. Indeed, there is not yet an explicitly CDF-stamped official English Translation of Luisa's volumes. One may reasonably respond to this assertion by asking, "So what?" Catholics are not required to read only those materials that presently enjoy an explicitly CDF approved official translation. Such lofty ecclesiastical approbations are doubtless imminent for Luisa's volumes; in the meantime, Catholics are completely free to "privately" (i.e. not commercially publish, perhaps not directly quote in the public proclamation of the Church, e.g. homilies at public Masses, not directly incorporate into official public Church events) read and share Luisa's 36 volumes, always maintaining great care to, above all, preserve Catholic orthodoxy in its entirety and always read Luisa's revelations through the lens of the Magisterium of the Church. Case in point: the very Archbishop from whom the aforementioned "Moratorium" proceeds was (he is now deceased) a zealous supporter of Luisa and ardently desired that her revelations be spread and lived!

For more information, see the Appendices of The Crown of Sanctity, the free eBook referenced at the top of this site. Sadly, the aforementioned claim is not the only falsehood circulating online regarding Luisa's revelations. A few career lay apologists continue to post online much old, discredited slander against the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta; all of this is likewise addressed and refuted in the appendices of The Crown of Sanctity.

Finally, while it is certainly true that the slander against the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta posted online is just that, it is also true that a tiny fraction of Luisa's followers have, sadly, promoted bogus interpretations of Luisa's writings that are at odds with Catholic Teaching and are in no way faithful to the content of what Jesus actually revealed to Luisa. Such people should remember that we are Catholic first, and Catholic always, 'til the end of time. Luisa's revelations are private revelations, and must always be understood in light of Doctrine. Such people should see this post on Daniel O'Connor's blog.